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In Fly-Fishing Odyssey, Jon B. Cave has transformed his life's work into a collection that will inspire, enlighten, and educate any fly-fisher. With tales that take us from Patagonia to Yellowstone National Park, from Africa to Argentina, from home to abroad, Fly-Fishing Odyssey stirs the wanderlust in any flyfisher and provides the information necessary for those willing to put wings to their dreams.

Many of Cave's adventures occur in his home state of Florida. Whether chasing bonefish in the Florida Keys, redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon, tarpon on the flats of Homosassa, largemouth bass in the St. Johns River, or snook in the Everglades, Cave does an excellent job of describing the flavor of the fishery, as well as providing the information anglers need to be successful.

In addition to 20 full-color chapters on excellent fly-fishing destinations, Fly-Fishing Odyssey provides biological and habitat background on 19 freshwater and saltwater gamefish along with a lengthy appendix full of advice on choosing fly gear and tips for traveling the globe. Each species chapter is complimented by beautiful illustrations by Dave Hall.

With a foreword by Lefty Kreh and more than 100 color photographs, Fly-Fishing Odyssey is packed full of insight, beauty, and fly-fishing techniques that any flyfisher will surely treasure, no matter where they fish.

Reviews from the experts:
"This book is a unique combination of exciting fishing tales and priceless information that any fly-fisherman can profit from. The appendixes alone are worth the price."

Lefty Kreh

"Jon Cave used a simple method in becoming a worldwide authority on fly-fishing for the world's gamefish. He went to where they were, caught them with fly rods, and made notes."
Charley Waterman

"Unlike most 'just-for-pretty' coffee-table books, this one has a lot of solid, useful information not to mention considerable entertainment value. Fly-Fishing Odyssey will surely inspire readers to undertake odysseys of their own."
Steve Raymond, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

"Fly-Fishing Odyssey brought me closer to places that I have never fished before, as well as some that I have."
Mark Yuasa, Seattle Times