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Fly-Fishing instruction in alt or Fresh Water

Saltwater Fly-Fishing Charters

Redfish, Seatrout, Snook, Tarpon, and more... Sight-fish in the clear sub-tropical estuaries of Mosquito Lagoon, Indian Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Fly-fishing River, and Banana River along east-central Florida's Space Coast. Fly casting to snookTrophy redfish and large spotted seatrout, or "gator trout," are the primary targets, but these lagoons also offer outstanding fly-fishing for other species including tarpon, snook, black drum, jack crevalle, and ladyfish.

The best fly-fishing opportunities are within the 200,000 acres that make-up Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore. The pristine mangrove shoreline and clean water surrounding these undeveloped federal lands provides ideal habitat for over 700 species of fish, 310 varieties of birds, and a host of rare wildlife including manatees, roseate spoonbills, sea turtles, bald eagles, wood storks, and alligators. Capt. Jon draws from his experiences in pioneering the shallow water sight-fishing opportunities with fly gear around Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and uses that unique knowledge to provide clients with an exciting day of casting flies to gamefish that inhabit area flats.

The beach at Canaveral National Seashore also offers some excellent fly-fishing during seasonal fish migrations. Flyfishers can wade the surf and cast their flies to bluefish, tarpon, jack crevalle, pompano, and a variety of other fish.


Freshwater fly-fishing the St. Johns RiverBass, Bream, American Shad. The vast upper St. Johns River slowly meanders through a mixture of broad prairie, lush subtropical vegetation, spongy Fly-Fishing for Bass on the St. Johns Rivermarshes and high hammocks of pine, moss-draped oaks and tLargemouth bass caught fly-fishing the St. Johns River.all palms. Aquatic vegetation is abundant and it provides the perfect habitat for prolific numbers of fat, healthy, and sometimes trophy-sized largemouth bass. In addition, the river supports large populations of various bream, sunshine bass, and specks. Anglers who enjoy world-class freshwater fly-fishing in a beautiful natural setting will enjoy casting their flies in the remote upper St. Johns River watershed in central Florida.

Every year between Fly-fishing for shad on the St. Johns RiverDecember and April, American shad leave the Atlantic Ocean to spawn near the headwaters of the St. Johns River. Like salmon and other anadromous fish, the shad swim upstream from the ocean to reproduce in their natal waters before dying. They are truly great gamefish and are renowned for their great strength and soaring leaps when hooked. They readily strike a well-presented fly and can provide a full day of exciting fly-fishing.


The Best of Both Worlds. Because The Lagoons and St. Johns River are located within close proximity of one another, flyfishers can spend half the day fishing in saltwater for reds, seatrout, and other marine species, and the remaining half of the day in freshwater casting to bass and bream.


Enjoy Fly-Fishing From One Of These Highly Specialized Boats Or Opt For A Wading Trip

Flats Skiff - A 16' Waterman flats boat is custom made and equipped with the flyfisher in mind. Large uncluttered fore and aft casting decks can accommodate up to 2 flyfishers. This stealthy skiff poles in the skinniest water and can access areas where other boats simply can't go.Sea Trout  Fly-Fishing That's a real advantage when tailing redfish or layed-up spotted seatrout are the quarry. Whether sight-fishing the saltwater flats of The Lagoons or winding through the maze of channels that make up the upper St. Johns River, this boat will keep you safe and dry. For the ultimate in excitement, try a late afternoon trip of sight-casting to redfish tailing in ankle deep water in Mosquito Lagoon or the Indian River. Please contact us for pricing.

Airboat - Enjoy the thrill of skimming lightly across shallow freshwater glades of the upper St. Johns River in pursuit of largemouth bass, bream, American shad, and other freshwater fish. The aluminum hull powered by a Lycoming aircraft engine can easily access remote and untapped areas where conventional boats cannot go. Consequently, the fly-fishing can be outstanding. Alligators and other wildlife are easy to view from atop the boat's elevated seats. Each airboat is limited to one angler. Night frog gigging and gator viewing trips are also available. Please contact us for pricing.

Kayak- See Florida as few others see it. Paddle silently across some of the state's most beautiful and remote lakes, rivers, and estuaries in pursuit of Kayak Fly-Fishinga variety of fresh- and salt-water gamefish. You'll marvel at how closely you can approach fish, birds, deer, wild hogs, and other wildlife in the quiet solitude of a kayak. Non-anglers enjoy these trips as much as their fly-fishing companions. Up ro 5 kayakers per trip. Please contact us for pricing.

Wading the Surf - "Exhilarating" is the best way to describe fly fishing in the surf. Cast your flies to seasonally migrating schools of fish breaking in the surf of the Atlantic. No condos to spoil your view of the ocean because the beaches are situated within the federally protected lands of beautiful Canaveral National Seashore. Non-anglers can catch some rays, take in the scenery, or curl up with a book in a beach chair. Some trips also include wading backcountry flats during periods of slack tide on the oceanside. Please contact us for pricing.

All trips are FFO - Fly-Fishing Only!

*All boats are USCG equipped. A 20% non-refundable deposit (except for inclement weather) is required for each charter.

Fly fishing outfit (rods, reels, lines, and leaders). Top quality fly-fishing outfits are available on each trip; however, those individuals who prefer to use their own gear can contact us with any questions regarding appropriate fly tackle and fly patterns. Guests should also bring a hat, polarized sunglasses, insect repellant, sunscreen, rain gear, flies, waders (as needed), flats booties, and deck shoes (absolutely no black-soled athletic shoes or street shoes are allowed aboard any boats).


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